Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Reform

In the past week I have gotten about 20 emails about health care reform. People are worried about rising costs, but they also want access to the best of the best. It is hard to believe that the government can settle both problems. The underlying issue in any health topic is to preserve and protect the sanctity of life. Somehow that gets left out of the debate when important health resources - like medical nutrition counseling for diabetics - get cut and elective procedures - like abortion - get increased funding.

So how do you get a point across to elected officials?

Below is a letter I wrote to my representative. I did some research on his website to see what I could start with and found some great information. He has a long history of lowering taxes and using resources wisely. On that part of his career I completely agree with him. I hoped by starting with common ground he would understand my concern in a way that is important to him - fiscal responsibility. I am posting this letter so anyone contemplating contacting their representative can hopefully take some ideas from my sample.

Dear Representative Peters,

I wanted to contact you to let you know my thoughts on the upcoming health care reform. First of all, I wanted to say that I read your biography and admire the way you have dealt with money in the past. Your record shows that you look out for the best interests of those you represent by cutting waste and making sure money goes where it is most needed.

I will try to keep my comment short and sweet. Although I agree with many others that health care needs to reform, I disagree with some of the ways that are proposed to do just that. It is important to me that abortion be explicitly excluded from any type of national health care plan that may be proposed. It is something that is most times an elective procedure and the funds could be used somewhere else. Please help protect those of us that feel abortion is the killing of an unborn child by keeping our taxes from providing exactly that. If you disagree with my request I would like to know why you believe that my hard earned money is best utilized in that capacity.

Thank you,


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  1. I feel like I got a shout out in this one... thanks! ~ Melissa