Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Update & Health Care

My summer has been a little crazy and so I have not written as much as I have wanted. My husband and I have been looking at houses and found one we liked. Now the big decision is whether or not we still believe this is the right time to buy. On top of that, we have gone on a bunch of mini-vacations. We've made it to Chicago, South Bend, a wonderful B&B in South Haven where we had a four course breakfast outside (see picture), Interlochen and I went to Harbor Springs while he went to Sterling. They have been wonderful and relaxing but that pushes all the work, chores and errands into a shorter amount of days. The summer has flown by and I think everyone is in the same boat as me - did summer really happen? We can't tell by the temperatures and no one seems to believe it is August! I'm getting in one more trip to visit friends in South Bend and then school will be starting again already. So there was the update on me, now for the update on a pro-life issue...

There is one short and simple post I want to address concerning the sanctity of life. As you are probably aware, Health Care is one of the main issues the U.S. Congress wants to address. They were not able to pass anything during the month of July. They are on break for the month of August - please consider contacting or visiting your representative while they are in your area. We need to fight to make sure that taxpayers don't finance abortions.

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