Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly Update and Surgery Recap

My road trip was awesome! I always get so excited for life when there is a new one on the way. My friend I visited was about 6 weeks from her due date and the baby was moving a lot. I learned a ton about pregnancy and I'm glad that I have her as a resource when that time comes for my husband and I.

The reason I planned the road trip when I did was to escape the reality of my life and get really excited for my friend. She enjoyed the company before she officially started her part time job in a local school. I enjoyed the diversion from thinking about the lack of leader in my pro-life group and surgery.

On Tuesday, I went to the hospital where I underwent a very short surgery. The surgery was over in 30 minutes and I was awake and asking to see my husband about an hour after it started. I didn't know any operation could be that quick! What was it for?

Like many women, I suffer from cramps. In the past year or so it has gotten considerably worse to the point I was bedridden for up to two days from the pain. I also started having more complications with my cycles and my doctor left me with three options:

1. Live with it - that did not sound fun, wasn't I already suffering through that option?

2. Go on the pill for a few months to level out my hormones - problem: that would not give me a diagnosis or any added information on how to prevent this problem from happening again.

3. Have surgery - diagnosis the problem and take anything out that is not supposed to be there

Obviously I chose option three and I'm glad I did. I have a lot more information about my body, the endometriosis was removed (probably by burning it off)and now my doctors know what to treat. Most importantly for me was the peace of mind I received by knowing exactly what was wrong, that it did not permanently affect me in any way. The doctor said the rest of my system looked great. No more wondering if "living through the pain" meant delaying diagnosing something that could affect my fertility later. Now I know that hasn't happened yet and hopefully never will since we know what we are dealing with.

My week has been just about the best case scenario. I was in and out of the hospital in 3 hours. The meds they give you there are strong so the first day I felt great! Yesterday and today I have some abdominal pain that prevent me from bending over too often but I'm not missing any work and I have had a lot of family and friends keeping me company. I'm doing well so I am ready to tackle the next thing on my list...

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