Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spiritual Direction

First of all, this is a title of a great book by Henri Nouwen. That is also one of the first references I ever paid attention to about the topic. The book was "optional" reading for a class but I didn't see the optional part and bought it. Instead of returning the book, I decided to read it...

A couple years later I got a real life spiritual director. I have enjoyed the process of meeting with someone who is trained in spiritual direction and has a similar life story in many of the concerning areas I have brought up in conversations.

One tip she has given me: know thyself. It is important to know who I am and what I stand for. I've always had that philosophy but I haven't prayed about it much until now. It has been comforting to know NFP has helped me find the hormonal connection to my fatigue and mood. Throughout all the craziness of surgery and pain I am thankful that I know myself. I know how my body works and the pain and fatigue is not a mystery. So while it is hard for me to talk about how NFP can help diagnose/treat problems when mine seem to hang around, it truly is a blessing that I can understand what is happening. I don't have to blindly trust doctors which would be so much easier but much less informative.


  1. Ooh, I've contemplated getting a spiritual director. Do you recommend it? Or should a beginner just start by reading that book?

  2. lol...well the book is good and there are many other great books by Henri Nouwen worth reading. Even so, I wouldn't call the book a prerequisite. I think the whole point of a spiritual director is helping direct you to move forward in your walk with God.

    It is nice to have someone trained in direction to help you figure out how God is moving in your life. It's almost like having an accountability partner who prays for you and is there for you. I've enjoyed having a woman spiritual director because she can understand where I'm coming from when I talk about struggles with womanly issues and how that related to me living out my life as a child of God.