Monday, December 28, 2009

Keeping Up...

Well Christmas season is in full swing. **Catholics celebrate Christmas for more than one day** I made it through midnight mass and even hit the high notes in our choir's arrangement of "O Holy Night" at about 12:45 while everyone went up to communion. I made it out of bed for 10am mass to sing again and actually have some family members here me that time. Then I went home to get ready to host 19 members of my family for Christmas day. I've had a couple days to recover and went to a choir party last night and got asked the same questions again....where am I looking for a full time job?

The choir director works at a school that is just starting up so I would have a good chance at getting a job there. I actually told her I was not looking and was content to substitute at the moment. After I get questions like that I wonder what it would be like if I had a job, a certain keeping up with the Joneses mentality if you will. Our budget would be less strict and our lives would be busier - but I might feel like I was keeping up with the status quo around me. Then I realized that I learned in my psychology classes that as you move up the socio-economic scale you compare yourself to others that are on the next step and that basically goes on forever unless you are someone like Bill Gates. There's a fancy name that I'm not recalling for that phenonmenon but the point is made - I will never keep up...

After thinking about all that by myself I asked my husband if he thinks I should try for that job. He just doesn't want me to have regrets. Would I regret not ever working full-time or would I regret being super busy when I could be preparing to start a family?


  1. I wonder that myself sometimes. I used to think I had to work a full-time job, and that all moms did - it was a shock when my husband and I were dating and he said he thought the mother should stay at home at least when the children were young! And yet now I've come to see the luxury in having a husband who supports that, and I could really care less whether I've ever worked a "real job." So I guess I don't have any advice about applying for a job or not; my only advice is to be thankful for your husband :)

  2. That's a tricky question... I guess it doesn't hurt to apply and learn more about the position through that process? On the other hand, you've got A LOT going on, so... Hrmmm, I'm not much help.

  3. love the comments, and yes, I am thankful and feel quite blessed to have a husband that is not asking/insisting that I find myself a real job

  4. Well, unless you're planning to have children into your 60s, there is the option of working full-time after your children are grown if it turns out that you regret never having done so. I am currently looking for work and really wish that I had a full-time job for more than just the economic reasons, but I don't think that you should look for one just to "keep up" with others. That's a great way to fall behind spiritually!