Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed welcoming in 2010. We had a few house guests bring in the new year with us and we each talked about what we are looking forward to most in 2010 before watching the ball drop. I thought that would be more exciting than watching J-Lo on TV.

I'm excited about many things, but the one I mentioned probably tops them all - I will be celebrating my 25th birthday in Rome, Italy. I'm also excited to teach two STM series of NFP classes, attend weddings and family vacations with both sets of parents. I'm also excited to go to the March for Life in a couple of weeks. I will be spending 12 hours on a bus, then 12 hours at the March in D.C. then 12 hours on a bus (and hopefully sleeping). It will be just one weekend but it should also be a memorable lifetime experience. It has also been a good way to bring a prolife topic - I'm going to D.C.! The first question in everyone's mind then is for what? I'm excited for everything coming up and can't wait to see what other surprises 2010 will bring.


  1. Wow! Birthday in Rome? Be sure to get one of those papal blessings if you can. The American bishops' representative over there can help you out.

    Enjoy the March for Life! Unless you're a very good sleeper don't expect to get much rest - that 12 hour bus ride back was a mini-purgatory for me.

  2. I know...I am preparing myself for the purgatory of no sleep for 36 hours...I'm just hoping that I make it to mass that Sunday I get home and then it's time for a day of rest - most literally!

  3. Sounds exciting- especially the birthday in Rome!