Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Voices of Silence

In college I took the required English class and my professor called it "Voices of Silence." I thought it was an interesting name and signed up. Oddly enough, we ended up watching movies like Fight Club and Silence of the Lambs of which I have totally lost the relevance by now. Even so, it was nice to reflect on how voices get silenced and we even got to do some fun meditative exercises as well. It was nice to have my "job" include sitting outside quietly 15 minutes. I wish someone would force me to do that again.

When I get stressed, I tend to shut off that reflective "silent" voice and go on autopilot. Ironically it's that silent voice that gets "silenced" by the noise of everyday life. Holy Week was busy with church events and choir rehearsals. Lots of family events and gatherings on Sunday. All those were great things, but things that are somewhat loud in my manner of thinking. Although I loved seeing family and celebrating Easter, my usual Sunday routine is church and then relaxation at home - no visitors.

As crazy and anti-social as that might sound, it has been a system that helps me keep my cool and gives me the quiet moment I need to go outside myself the rest of the week and try to help others at school, with NFP and in the pro-life group. Good thing I get a week break after Easter then huh? I have had the quiet time to plan out what needs to be done at the next board meeting. I have been in contact with half my NFP students checking up. I have also had time to sit down and think and go to Mass. What does God want me to do. I still feel mixed signals with the pro-life group but great feedback about NFP. Not sure what it means yet...but I will have a trip of a lifetime in two weeks to step back a bit and think about it. Have I announced that here? Two weeks from today I fly to Rome and spend my 25th bday there before getting on a ship headed for other parts of Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Then I guess I won't be "24" and prolife anymore so not sure what I'm going to do with this blog....but I'll definitely share highlights from the trip :-D


  1. Oh wow, what an awesome birthday!! Have a great time!

    And the need for silence is a great reminder.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes...I can't wait and yet I realize I haven't told a lot of people that I am even going. Now what to do for my husband's 25th which is a month after - no Rome trip for his big day.