Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Reflection v. 1 n. 11

This week I have truly been reflecting on two major things.

1. That people are more bold in blogs than in real life. Yep, I'm stating the obvious. We find a similar group of people and build each other up. Frankly, most of the blogs I read and most of my readers have a similar ideology when it comes to life issues so this isn't a great resource for learning new things and understanding different perspectives. I have to realize, different perspectives and winning people over with different views is not my objective. It would be hard to measure and frustrating to analyze. not doing that is okay, blogging is nice for reading what different people think and that I am not alone.

That being said...I will address number two knowing I'm not going to change the world from online.

2. In my lenten devotional book I came across an interesting quotation:
When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. But when I ask why there are poor, they call me a Communist ~ Archbishop Dom Helder

Going about daily life and trying to help the less fortunate is seen as a great thing. Following the rules of your job and staying employed is the responsible thing to do. The point of the reflection was to see if we have the courage to ask the question why. Why do you review employees in this way because it seems an unfair assessment. Great question to ponder. It led me back to the prolife movement and how I seem to be losing some of my drive to speak up.

When I help at a pregnancy center - people all think I'm amazing for volunteering in a needed area when so young. When I bring up NFP or my pro-life involvement I get reminded that contraception is necessary and life in the city slums is not good and should not be imposed upon the growing baby so abortion is a "necessary" evil. I could be labeled a right wing extremist or worse no matter if I routine vote for that party or not. I don't think the Archbishop wanted to be called a communist and I don't want to be called a conservative wacko. But my question, when and why did abortion become "necessary"? Why is the pill and other abortifacient methods of birth control become necessary? Even that question doesn't seem to be enough. Once the why is discovered the next question is how - how do we change? The answer does not seem to be available online


  1. I once heard Peter Kreeft say that people used to call him a liberal for opposing war & the death penalty (I think those were the examples?) and now they call him a conservative for opposing abortion. In reality his views have not changed at all.

    The idea that abortion is an evil necessary for the slums so does not match the stats of who is actually having abortions! I hate it that people do not match up facts with arguments.

  2. Well, it is hard to get accurate numbers but there are a lot of abortion done in say Detroit because of deemed financial necessity and multiple abortions at that. I think it depends on the area and so many other factors, but yes many wealthy women perfectly capable of raising and supporting a child find it "necessary" as well.