Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday reflection v.1 n. 7

Wow - Friday already? How did this week go by so fast when I only worked for 3 days. What to reflect on.....humility

So many times we become part of a cause and think "I'm on the right side" and that gets a ball rolling. Well of course I don't have to listen as closely to their argument because I'm right. Well of course everyone should act like me and speak out for the unborn. I would be wrong to sit and do nothing when babies are aborted.

That line of thinking doesn't look very compassionate does it? And unfortunately it sometimes seems to just fall into my head. The lesson in humility I seem to be learning this week is somewhat different from the situation listed above. I think I do try to listen to the other side in the pro-life debate and show compassion for the concerns of others. I am hyper-sensitive to it most of the time because it is such a hot button issue. My problem comes in the every day. When my husband asks me to do him a favor I really think he should do. I didn't even consider it because I didn't want to help, I wanted to watch the olympics instead - they only come every 4 years (or 2 if you count summer). Surely it is okay that I ignore any duties after 8 o'clock so I can watch skiing and skating.

Then at the end of the day I realize most of my day was spent debating about what I wanted to do and not about how I could help others. The attitude seems selfish and arrogant and therefore the word that pops into my head this week is humility. When I took the time to think about it, humility helped me scoop the litter box (one of my husband's daily chores) do laundry and clean dishes when it would have been easy to save them for the next day or not do at all. Hopefully these little steps will help me slowly change my attitude. What did you learn this week?


  1. Oh, this is solid. I just asked my husband to get up and put noodles in the water that I had started boiling for his supper. Nothing wrong with that... except that the only reason I didn't do it myself was that I was reading your blog. I am not exactly a stellar example of service. ::sigh::

  2. At least you're reading...a lot of times I end up stuck on the couch watching who knows what :-)