Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Celebration is a great thing - birthdays, weddings, holidays, and life. I am reading a book right now called Home Tonight by Henri Nouwen. He is a great Catholic author who wrote all about the parable of the prodigal son. Yesterday, I read about how the father stated to celebrate when his son return and didn't ask if that was what his son wanted. Something that is completely true but that I haven't really thought about in depth. Maybe the son didn't feel worthy of a celebration and his father was trying to make a point.

Life is enough cause to celebrate. Lately, I have been celebrating a lot more of the little things even getting a bit teased for it. My birthday got stretched to a week, then a month, and now it is my husband's time to be spoiled. When getting through school, many times, it was the opposite. All I could think about was the next test, the next project. It is liberating to think in the opposite way - the next birthday, the next anniversary. I have found more time to celebrate and gather with friends and even planned a weekend getaway for my one year anniversary. I want to enjoy each day and the life that comes with it.

As I have considered and prayed about starting up my different volunteer opportunities I have felt convicted to contemplate all that they mean. Natural Family Planning is not just about making sure I fill in a chart at the end of the day - it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has opened me to all the possibilities life holds. If I put everything in God's hands, He will provide for me and my family. There are so many things I have asked for and received this year - a car, 5 day a week job, and a purpose (NFP and pro-life activities). All of this has helped me find the motivation and energy to start planning for my future family. I have grown and feel so blessed. I'm excited to be celebrating life in all its forms and look forward to the day when that turns into celebrating a new life.

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