Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family and Economy

Everyone is aware and weary about a struggling economy right now. It is affecting everyone's lives and influencing major decisions in a whole new way. Stores are going out of business, car factories are shutting down, and a lot of people that were once living a very comfortable life and now searching for ways to stay in their house.

Oprah is hosting shows that are all about how to save money - from clipping coupons to unplugging everything in the house to lower the electric bill a few cents a day people around the country are trying to find ways to cut costs. On the surface, this seems like a brilliant idea and great new way of life. We are wasting less and reusing more. We are being kind to the earth. Unfortunately, not all ways people are trying to cut costs are without their ethical issues.

There are so many things I could mention, but I guess I should get to my point. Recession is causing some to turn to abortion. I don't know the exact numbers, and some reports show a number of abortion clinics doing worse - but I have read articles about specific stories. One story was about someone who tried to get pregnant and then lost a job and decided it required a loss of life. That is an awful situation to be in and I'm glad I have not had to make a tough decision like that. I also know a lot of stories about couples that can afford a child and want to welcome one but are unable to get pregnant. There are tons of waiting families, many that would help cover the costs of medical care. I just hope that everyone facing the difficulties of a planned or unplanned pregnancy in a different economic situation than they were expecting are aware of the option of adoption. One great website to look at is www.americanadoptions.com

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