Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Armed with knowledge

I was watching the news after the president's speech and I was struck by something the weatherman said of all people. The news got away from the health care debate just long enough to debate global warming. A respected weather expert came on to dispute the whole idea. He showed statistics and gave a convincing argument but none of that competed with what he said next.

I won't quote him because I don't remember his exact words. I will give you his message and put it into my words because I completely agree:

I am not asking that anyone believe me. I'm asking that they take the time to find some facts and decide for themselves. Don't believe the bigger, wealthier side because they are not always right. Take some time to think and use all these amazing resources we have. I say the same thing for my cause although it is sometimes hard to find the information.

I was met with yet another situation today where a woman talked about how she asked her doctor if the pill could prevent a fertilized egg from implanting and was met with "it's not the abortion pill." Hello? She was just looking for yes or no! Why can't we get a simple answer from people that should be resources for us?

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