Friday, September 11, 2009

different viewpoints

Anyone who is involved in promoting a cause must at some point jump the same hurdle: finding a way to help people with very different viewpoints understand your concern about x, y or z. Whether you are promoting environmentally friendly products, humane treatment of animals, or the sanctity of all human life, you will not get very far if you cannot talk to people from other groups.

I have found this idea incredibly striking in the last couple weeks. My husband is always amazed at how often I talk about this interest of mine. Although I do have many other interests - crafting, music, books, and organizing (you read that right - it can be a hobby and not just a chore) to name a few, I don't walk away or remain quiet when an opportunity presents itself.

Recently I talked to someone who comes from a completely different background. I reconnected with an old friend who is definitely enjoying her life but not a certain part which just happened to come out in conversation. Like many women, she is on one version of the pill and is hating the side effects. She is thinking of switching but has already tried a couple versions with the same results - awful side effects. I casually asked if she was on it for medical reasons and she said not really other than helping make her cycles a little more regular.

How many old friends of mine would fit this same story? I'm guessing a lot and hope that helps this friend stay anonymous. I brought up the topic of NFP but in a completely non-religious, non-Catholic way. I talked briefly about some highlights: safe, natural, 99% effective and the little fact that I obviously love it. I put a little information out there and who knows where God will be able to take what was started and potentially change someone's life. I had about a minute to get the point across to someone with a drastically different life than mine and it made me think - do I really know how to talk to people that don't share my beliefs? I hope so!


  1. It's tought, for sure, to talk to people about a differing point of view and help them understand. I've been going through that myself, and it's difficult for me not to pass judgment on them (and their intellect..haha) if they still don't "get it", no matter how many times or ways I rehash it.

    I have gone through that recently when discussion a couple of hot-button issues with a conservative friend of mine who doesn't even come close to sharing my more liberal points of view. It makes for some fiery conversation! lol I finally had to accept that she is where she is with things, and I am where I am, and while the roads rarely meet...very rarely...we can find true beauty in the points where our two roads do converge.

    Excellent post!

  2. The part that stood out to me is that you like to organize as a hobby. My house could keep you happy for days. Whatta ya say?? LOL

    On the serious side, all we can do is plant seeds and share our beliefs with people but the Bible clearly says that the fruit is His work.

    God bless!

  3. I'm here from Elizabeth Eshter's - how great that you can confidently and simply speak about NFP with people who may need help in that area. I think the more you talk about your thoughts with others, the easier it becomes to do so in a loving, open way. Good job :)