Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post-Op Visit

Today I went to see my doctor to get more details on how the surgery went. I got to see the pictures of my insides and where the problem was located. I was yet again met with the good and bad scenario:
Good - we found what was causing my pain and got rid of it
Bad - Endometriosis is not a good thing to have and can last until menopause yikes!

I was also given some better than expected news. I have heard many times that it grows back, that no one knows what causes it, and that pregnancy is the best solution/preventative measure. However, when I asked what the likelihood of that happening I was told 4-10%. So my doctor said no rush with the pregnancy idea but he doesn't want me to wait 5 years.

My doctor's advice: take a vitamin everyday, workout and eat healthy. He says it is extra important for me so I can't slack off - too bad I don't have my sister's motivation in that area. Reason? Apparently there are some theories that endometriosis is linked to suppressed immune systems so I have to do my best to stay healthy at all times which is a tough command when you are in a different classroom with different students and different germs everyday.

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  1. thanks for the shout out! hehehe I know you will have a new motivation. And if you don't find Zumba at Community Ed I guess Body Language has it. mom told me she saw the signs for it just never knew what it was! It's a fun time! and you did not tell me about the pregnancy thing... so not waiting 5 years... is our family going to grow soon?