Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Faith in Actions

Right now, the Church is looking at excerpts from the letter of St. James and I always love the reminders that brings to my mind. Last Sunday the topic was faith in works. We were reminded that praying without any action is not as comforting actually doing something like providing food, shelter or even a shoulder to cry on to those people you are remembering.

I think that is a great reminder for some of the groups I am in right now. My pro-life group is just starting up so there has been a lot of talking and no doing. It is important to get the group established but it is also important to just get out there and do some good works. We are finally doing that and I am so glad. So many criticisms can arise if you are all talk and I don't want to fall prey to that. One of the biggest complaints among my friends who are pro-choice lies in the lack of resources. If that is a problem, then we need to work to fix that. I hope to do precisely that in the future as we develop a working partnership with a crisis pregnancy center.

In regards to the works we are doing, we picked one service opprotunity and one group building opprotunity (membership drive) to pursue in the next couple months. I also received an invitation to attend the local pregnancy center's banquet and decided to be a table host. If any of my readers in the area are interested in attending let me know!

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