Monday, September 7, 2009

Padre Pio

I think one way to show the sanctity of life is to highlight some people that live or lived a life you admire. It gives me strength and courage to face the challenges of each new day and know there were others who struggled through much worse. One person that I have recently started reading about is Padre Pio. He was born in the 1880s and became a monk. He also lived a very different life than most by following strict rules that to me just don't seem like a healthy lifestyle. That did not seem to bother him because through it all he praised God and followed Him the best way he knew how.

Something I found especially intriguing was how he viewed the world and experienced life in general. As a little kid, he saw visions of Mary and Jesus who would talk to him. He didn't take the time to tell others because he thought that happened to everyone. That got me thinking about how I experience the world and if there are some things I just take for granted. Everyone sees with different eyes and in different ways. That is a realization I hope I don't forget soon. I guess I have always known that, but it seems to carry so much more meaning in light of the experiences Padre Pio had.

It's a great book that was recommended by a couple family members. I concur with their recommendation and encourage everyone to put it on their to read list.
Padre Pio: Man of Hope

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