Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Reflection v. 1 n. 10

This week was long and busy for me. Our parish had a mission and I went through PAC training yesterday to interview candidates who want a pro-life endorsement. With all that going on, I didn't find the extra time at church all too relaxing and revitalizing. I did however, take the time to visit with my neighbors when they had their 3 year old daughter come knock on my door.

No worries that I was doing dishes while pre-heating the oven and planning dinner for my husband so he could eat when he got home. No worries that we were supposed to be at church at 7pm and they knocked on my door sometime around 5:30. It was sunny and we wanted to be outside, talk and draw on the driveway. This neighbor is also 38 wks pregnant - so excited to meet the little one! So even though I had plans after work Mon-Thurs I offered to babysit so they could have a date before they are busy with baby #2. Her response - they are hosting out of town guests (maybe)! Crazy huh? They are way more busy than me and they think social life slows down after kids? I think they just can't remember the weekends because they are so full. So maybe I will babysit tonight....

Reflection though? You can't be prolife and not stop to help those who are living examples of it. I hope that I will get to spend plenty of time with the little ones. I might take some days off from subbing to babysit the baby when she goes back to work in June for a couple weeks until school is out. It would be so wonderful....


  1. "You can't be prolife and not stop to help those who are living examples of it." Right on! What a blessing for both of your families to be neighbors!

  2. It is great to be surrounded by great families...a lesson before I have my own =D