Monday, March 8, 2010

New Motivation

My husband and I went on a really fun date night this weekend - chaperoning a youth group lock-in. My husband was mistaken for a student and I was mistaken for 29 years old. For those of you that know me (and youthful face :-D) you may be shocked about that. Most people were guessing based on my involvement in pro-life ministries. It was good to see the youth involved and my husband got to play basketball and rock band so he was happy.

While on door duty, one of the Catholic members of my group asked me if I had kids or when I would be trying to do that. As always, I didn't give an exact answer but I did say that my husband and I would be teaching natural family planning this Thursday. He was curious how that could me "on my heart" when I didn't have kids so I said it was a natural way to know when a woman could or could not get pregnant. Apparently that is not a clear explanation because he asked if I was on BC. I was reminded why I started this even when it seems like people are not interested and re-motivated to publicize more. People need to make an informed decision and they don't know about all their options!

Even Catholics who were married in the church in the last 10-15 years have no idea that NFP has advanced scientifically past the dreaded rhythm method. It barely gets mentioned in Catholic parishes so how do we change that? Does anyone belong to a parish or in an area where the information is presented to more than just engaged couples or those who search for it? That is a dream of mine - for it to get out there. I keep hoping that it will get more popular with the organic movement so people at least know it's out there and effective.

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