Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Reflection n. 8

Surprised by Joy

Although I want to reflect on what a stress it is to go to the doctor, God put something else on my mind for which I am quite thankful. Yesterday I taught math (horribly) but the kids understood. They weren't exactly excited to see me because they have a great teacher and I don't really understand geometry. I vowed to not teach math today and I succeeded! Instead I'm working a half day in a special education classroom so I can get my dose of joyful living. Whenever I go in a special classroom (like when I wrote this post) I am reminded of how easy it is for me to think about so many serious things and forget about life's simple joys. They point those out to me. I can't worry about my past stresses of the week because they are happy to see me and can't wait to show me what they are learning.

On a similar note, my husband seems to be trying to do the same thing for me this week. He bought me roses so I have to stop and smell them and remember all the little blessings I am showered with every day - too many to even list.

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