Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Life

I am not one to take lots of pictures. Even when I take my camera somewhere, I don't take the time to pull it out. On the other hand, when my neighbor (who was currently in labor) calls and mentions first that there are 6 - yes 6! - baby foxes in the backyard I had to grab my camera and try to get a picture. Believe it or not, this picture was taken by me from my backyard. There was a group further back in the trees that just could not be caught very well on film.

Oh wait - my neighbor was in labor. The second thing she mentioned was that she should probably leave for the hospital soon and could I possibly watch her daughter and nephews while the family was at the hospital. Sure - but should I drive you since your husband isn't here? Nope. Less than four hours after arriving at the hospital and healthy baby girl was born. What an exciting day! Now, after babysitting and meeting family members who were gushing over the little one's big first day, I am exhausted and off to bed before 10 o'clock so I can get to work at 7am. Hope everyone else is enjoying their week!


  1. Unfortunately we can't see the picture! But congrats to your neighbor!

  2. yay...I'm glad you got to see it...sorry I was not tech savy the first time I tried