Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A beautiful fall day

Yesterday was a great day for me. I went to work, came home, worked out, and then told myself I would not do any chores before sitting down and relaxing a bit. Of course, the workhorse that I am would not accept that and put in a load of laundry anyway. oh one is perfect.

I sat down in a reading chair to open the book Here and Now by Henri Nouwen. The book is all about living in the present. I looked outside and was amazed at how beautiful the fall leaves are right now.
I sat there content to just look outside (it's a bit chilly) and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. I'm excited for fall and all that brings - walks around the neighborhood to admire all the trees, homemade applesauce and pumpkin pie. More than that, I have been waiting for acorn squash to arrive in the stores. My husband bakes sausage and pasta in it and the result is delicious! Maybe I can get him to make it for me for Sweetest Day. In case you are like me and don't know when that is - it's this Saturday. I have a local flower shop to thank for informing me.

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