Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ballroom Dancing

I have to admit that a show I enjoy watching is Dancing with the Stars. I personally love to dance and sing and most anything that involves good music. The pros also did a great tribute to Michael Jackson on Tuesday night with amazing dancing to some of his most loved songs.

I don't know if anyone else watches but, if you do, the following comment will probably make sense. I was pretty excited when Edyta was voted off soon after the start of this season. For some reason a waltz, tango, and foxtrot all call for dancing costumes that resemble bikinis. I love the dances - it motivated me to take more than a few lessons - but sometimes it is hard for me to watch with my husband. I wouldn't say I'm the most modest person out there.
If I was, I probably wouldn't watch the show. I just wonder if it would get the same ratings if they toned down the outfits - maybe something closer to this picture for waltz and foxtrot if nothing else. I also am starting to wonder what message the show is actually conveying: dancing is a great workout that has helped many contestants reach a healthier weight vs. dancing is an excuse to wear as little clothes as possible.

How does this fit into the subject matter of my blog? The more I get involved in helping fight for the sanctity of life, the more I find myself thinking about how I am living that out on a daily basis. How am I respecting the sanctity of my own life and of those around me. Somehow this week it did not seem respectful or enjoyable to be watching a dance where I could see all the way down one side of the dancer's body. Did they run out of fabric? In any case, I changed the channel before that song was over - I did not like the view my husband was getting.

Big question of the week: does it make a difference if I watch or don't watch shows like that? I don't know and I obviously can't answer for my husband. The follow up question would be any new relaxation/activity ideas for those nights when you both come home tired and want to do something that doesn't involve a lot of energy? I would appreciate some insight because I seem to be forming the habit of turning on the tv at night be default - it's too early to go to bed but too late and too tired to doing something productive.


  1. for like the 2 times that i've watched this show i've thought THE SAME THING.
    i think that's pretty cool how you related this issue back to being "pro-life". so many people stop at the baby in the womb and i think its also very important to look at other aspects of our life, particularly what we have direct control over (like wardrobe).

    my husband has a crazy knack for falling asleep super fast, so i can't help you out on the second question. play wii maybe? we also just usually make dinner together and chat.

  2. my husband would love to hear that you suggested wii - that would mean I would have to buy some sort of game unit - which we do not have.