Monday, October 5, 2009

Loving Others

Right now is just one of those times in my life when I feel like the same message is being presented to me over and over. It's like when you learn a new word or topic you suddenly notice it everywhere. The message of my morning reading, Sunday's sermon and many other random comments etc have been talking about love.

It's something that is so common - of course I'm going to be hearing about it right? Well I guess it is more specific - love your enemies, love those who are different than you, love those who don't have the same blessings as you. Loving people like you is easy, it is a little harder to go out of your way and love those that you don't necessarily think about all the time.

If you fight for the right to life and then don't love the life that is created - are you being helpful? If you want all life to have the chance to see the world and then don't educate yourself on resources or help those who provide - are you being helpful? If you criticize those who are forced to make tough decisions and don't show compassion and support - are you being helpful? I'm not sure.

On that note, I am so looking forward to learning more about resources in my area by attending the banquet of a local crisis pregnancy center. I'm excited that my pro-life group was able to host and fill a table for this wonderful event. It will be a beautiful evening and a powerful message that my group not only wants to speak about life issues but really support a resource that puts into practice what we preach. Thank you to all the pregnancy centers who work so hard to educate and support women that are faced with a life changing situation that can be so scary.

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