Monday, October 26, 2009

Pregnancy Center Banquet

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to be on time and early. Last Thursday was a crisis pregnancy center's banquet and I was a table host. I wanted to arrive close to when the doors opened at 6:15 so I could greet my guests. Unfortunately I did not make it until after 6:30 and walked straight to my husband to say "I'm in a bad mood." He had come straight from work and was able to greet his parents who arrived before me. Even though I was thankful my husband had come early to the event, my initial thoughts of the evening were along the lines of: I've had a bad day, there was a stain on the shirt I planned to wear, I don't feel good and on top of all of this I let my guests beat me to this event! This is going to be a long night!

Much to my surprise, for I can be a bit grumpy a times, I put a smile right on and went around to greet my guests. I had rounded up 14 people so I really had about a table in a half to greet. I started with the half table since I wouldn't be sitting with them during the meal. We joked about some meeting stuff (whether or not we would have a musical guest at our next meeting) and talked about a future fundraiser. I went back to my table, said hello to my other guests and missed the salad course due to all my talking.

During dinner, I enjoyed some fellowship and music - they didn't start with the speaker right away so I got a chance to talk with some people I hadn't said hello to before dinner was served. By the time the program started, I realized that the night was going much better than I had originally anticipated. My smile was more genuine and I was truly joyful to be there. I felt like I was in my element and it became one of those aha! moments. I must be doing what I have been called to do because my awful day turned into a splendid one. As an introvert, any time a social event with lots of people brings me energy it is very exciting - especially at the end of a bad day. The only question now is once again: Where do I go from here? It is energizing to hear personal testimonies of the good works being done - but how can I help? I haven't figured that one out yet.

I've never been the one who needed the advice that you can't say yes to everything. I've always chosen my activities carefully because I want my introvert time to recharge. Somehow I am having a hard time of doing that lately - officer of a pro-life group, setting up NFP classes, just joined the choir at my church, hosted the table at this banquet and I've actually worked 5 days a week since mid-Sept. What commitment can I make to this wonderful resource without saying yes too many times? I guess I'm still waiting for my next aha! moment.

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