Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A place for everything and everyone

Well, this week is a busy one for me.
- went to a class Saturday
- completed a test Sunday
- going to Lansing on Wednesday
- another meeting on Saturday

Today, I find myself in a Special Education classroom, and it is full of blessings and new perspectives. It made me think about something -

Environmentalists tell us that all species are important - even the annoying ones. We need to save animals that are endangered to preserve the balance in this world. I agree that every species is special and that we are given the responsibility of taking care of this world.

I think it is the same in the human world. Every life is special and worth protecting. With the advance of science, there are always more ethical questions. One of the most recent question has to do with birth defects and genetic problems - is it okay to terminate, or abort, those pregnancies? Had that been a common practice 15-18 years ago, I may not have had the wonderful experience I did teaching those special students some community skills. I am glad that I was able to interact with each and every student I taught today. It was also nice to get about five times as many compliments today than most days - who wouldn't want to have someone like that in their life?

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