Thursday, January 21, 2010

Choose Life

In honor of my upcoming trip to D.C. for the March for Life, here is a great cartoon on the topic and another post from April of last year.

This is a life-affirming, positive statement that some would want to distort (cartoon). I was recently sent an email from one of my legislators that said even though she wants to promote life and limit abortions, there are just not enough adoption resources to do that at this time. Instead she signs legislation that promotes abortion since it is "the only option" in many cases.

I find that interesting because there are a lot of resources and many families wishing for a child. Even the 16 year old in Juno was able to figure it out pretty easy - granted that was just the movies. For anyone who might need a resource here are a few: OR or 1 800-ADOPTION

There are tons of websites if you search "adoption resources" and it would be more specific if you put in a general area. With library internet access how can we argue that these resources are not available? They are just not utilized as much as they could be.

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