Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Reflection v. 1 n. 2

I can't believe it is Friday - and the end of the workday already. There is a lot to be concerned about this week but I can't write that much in the 5 minutes I am giving myself to write this late reflection so I will concentrate on something I learned this week.

I have no right to complain - about anything. I live a blessed life and, even if some people are difficult to deal with, the common belief among pro-lifers is that all life is precious and worthy of protecting. If you believe that and do your best to show kindness and understanding you might just get a free and yummy cup of tea when you walk into work at the end of the week. Boy was I surprised when my least favorite co-worker of the week brought me a choice of teas to choose from yesterday morning. Another little reminder that pro-life means everyone.


  1. Good for you! This reminds me of St. Therese and the nun who really irritated her. Well, maybe there were several of those, but I am thinking of the one who asked why Therese was so attracted to her since Therese was always so kind.

  2. Well...that is a good reflection too and I don't think I am anywhere near that level so it is something to inspire