Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't you like people?

My husband's family did not get the memo - don't speak religion or politics at Christmas gatherings. Even so, it was refreshing to debate topics like women priests as well as social justice issues and how that relates to politics. I don't get a chance to share my knowledge and opinion on those subjects very often.

During one political discussion between siblings I overheard the line "Don't you like people?" The question was directed at her brother who announced he had voted for McCain. I decided that was just too easy to turn into an abortion debate, but decided to stay out of it - my much younger cousin decided to take the bait and discuss Obama's abortion position and record. He must have been shocked by her response (a neo-natal doctor) :

"I would preform an abortion on anyone"

Does anyone else find this ironic? How is it that, according to some, we can claim to be compassionate when we kill babies yet if we voted against Obama we don't like people?


  1. Sounds like they are open for debate, but haven't gotten to the point of using actual reasoning. ;-)

  2. They are open for debating that is for sure. As for reasoning - she has some, but I don't agree with it. At one point she worked in a downtown area and saw a lot of painful and distressing situations. Her solution is to prevent more people from living through that.

  3. ::Sigh:: I guess that I can see where she is coming from then, but it still seems very elitist, and simply sad.