Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Straightforward Talk....and facts

I originally wrote this in April 2009 and have been thinking along the same lines again - how can you advertise/get the word out about something that generates very little money?

I had dinner with a friend last night and this issue of pro-life and politics came up. She is so driven that she already has experience working in the White House. She knows a lot more about politics than me and I always welcome her input. My one thought last night and today is that I wish more people would be more straightforward and consistent with their beliefs and policies. We talked about how it is a lot easier to respect someone who has different beliefs as long as they mean what they say and are consistent.

A lot of times, people make statements that don't seem to match up with their actions. I try not to be one of those people. Some may say I have a strong personality or I speak my mind. They may even say something with a more negative connotation, but one thing is for sure, I tend to call it how I see it. Why shouldn't I? I may encourage the use of NFP to those who are willing to listen, but I don't talk in a way that argues that is the only choice (i.e. "You should use NFP). I just want to make sure everyone knows they have that option and that it is an effective one. I love that I found this book "Natural Family Planning Blessed our Marriage: 19 True Stories"
People need to know facts though, and that is what I try to do. The way I see it, if there were commercials saying "new method of birth control that is up to 99% effective and has no side effects, talk to your doctor" wouldn't you get a lot of women saying - "Yes! No side effects! sign me up for that. If the commercial went on to say it would increase communication with your partner and cost practically nothing would people listen? If the named changed to emphasize the natural part would more people in the green movement listen?

Unfortunately, since the method is cost-effective (just pay for a class to learn) there is no revenue for fancy commercials and catchy names. Doctors are not inclined to learn it and drug companies would have you disbelieve it. The facts are, from studies and my own life, the method works and it has benefits. And it is not just religious "whackos" that think so. The organic movement is catching on to the health benefits - maybe they'll think up a catchy name and slogan. Or maybe more people will start buying this shirt.

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