Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choosing a doctor

Two or three years ago, I chose an ob/gyn doctor based on a Catholic newspaper article. My doctor made the front page and the article went on to say he had recently changed his practice to natural family planning only. I was warned when I made the first phone call that he would not prescribe the birth control pill. I was excited by that statement because I was looking for an alternative to what the nurse practitioner at my college had said - "the only way to get rid of cramps is to go on the pill"
I can't speak for anyone else, because I know a lot of women accept that statement but I was not buying it. There has to be a solution that did not involve me swallowing hormones every day to stop pain on one or two days. My doctor works with me and examines possible causes instead of just putting me on medicine that he hopes will work.

Why am I bringing this up now? Most of the people I know have heard this story because I feel so blessed to have found my doctor. The pro-choice movement is pushing to make it mandatory for all doctors to refer for abortions and prescribe birth control. My question is why? Why make it mandatory when women could choose a different doctor? After all, I was warned before I made my appointment. Why make it mandatory when people like me are glad to have someone on their side? My doctor knows and understands the family planning method I use. He can support me and answer questions if I am having problems with it whereas other doctors might say it's too hard and recommend artificial contraception instead. I can only hope that the policy changes don't go through. If they do go through, I pray that good doctors like mine don't leave the practice and new ones enter despite the harder circumstances.

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  1. Excellent point Jenelle - people forget that there actually are some people out there that don't want birth control. I went through a similar thing where I was getting cramps, but was worried about going to the doctor because I didn't want to simply be told "oh, go on the Pill."