Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's in a name

I thought I would explain the title I chose for my blog. I feel like a good part of my identity right now is my young age and being pro-life. Only the title is not entirely true - I won't be 24 for about two more weeks. Since college I have volunteered in a couple different areas and there is a common theme - I am the youngest or one of the youngest ones. That theme has continued in my NFP and pro-life work. People are almost shocked to see me. I network with friends of my parents and their friends.

Example - I went to a neighboring area's Life dinner and saw my mom's best friend. Once I told her why I was there she insisted on introducing me to all her friends in the organization. None of them were in their 20s. I am learning from many great people with so much more life experience. I feel blessed to be part of this movement.

Happy note for the end of the week - the UN did something right for this cause. Delegates of numerous nations at the Commission on Population and Development stood up to say abortion should not be included and was not a right that automatically fell under "sexual and reproductive health and rights." In the end, the phrase was not accepted into the document because many delegates felt it would lead to allowing abortion.

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