Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I am blogging...

I experienced the best day of my life just over 9 months ago. I got married to the love of my life and everything changed forever. I have a partner to support me and encourage me to be better. A lot of that encouragement is directed to my volunteer work. When I am discouraged by my pitiful paycheck (from substitute teaching) or criticized for my lack of focus on finding a career, he reminds me that he wants to support us and make sure that, as a family, we are making the time to give back.

I believe my husband's vocation is in leading his family (me) and supporting us whereas my vocation is to give back to the community and support my husband's career goals. I work M-F, but I leave work at 2:30 so that gives me plenty of time for chores, errands, or volunteering.

Now to get to the title of the blog - why am I doing this? I have been inspired by other blogs that are uplifting and spiritual. I have also felt called to do this as a way to calm my mind and get my thoughts out. Most of my posts will be related to the two main causes that I have recently joined. The first group I joined is part of the pro-life movement. The group was just starting up when I joined so I am already one of the officers and I look forward to helping the group grow.

The second commitment I have put upon myself and my husband is learning how to teach Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes. We went through the class ourselves a year ago and have experienced how it can truly bless a marriage. I can't wait to use my teaching skills to inform and encourage others to consider this method of family planning.

There is so much information on both pro-life issues and NFP that I am overwhelmed and feel that it will help me to write about them. Maybe, in the process, I will help someone else someday, somewhere.

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