Monday, April 20, 2009

health and NFP

I find the way that the media talks about different issues. You can take things at face values or search for bias. You can claim unfair coverage when the media says things like anti-abortion and pro-choice. One is against something and the other is for something - wouldn't you rather be for something? That doesn't necessarily mean that coverage is not balanced. As I was reading the news this morning I came across something interesting in the women's health section. It reported a study that showed women on oral contraceptives don't build as much muscle mass as those not on the pill.

The study lasted 10 weeks and the women worked out with same intensity and weight training 3 times a week. What the analytical part of me noticed was the way they worded the article. Usually in studies, the control group is the one that does not get the treatment. All the comments seemed to put the women taking the pill in the control group. Instead of saying women taking the pill gained less muscle mass, they said that women not taking the pill gained more muscle mass. To me, that made it sound like those not on the pill were doing something to enhance their body's ability to create muscle mass. Whichever way you spin it though, the study shows that the pill is harmful to your ability to create strong, healthy muscles.

In a culture that is now so focused on being green and learning nutrition (e.g. the huge debate over high fructose corn syrup) I think it is important to think about all aspects of health and what we put in our bodies - not just finding a scapegoat to blame like corn syrup. There are many studies about the harmful side effects of any artificial birth control method. Natural Family Planning offers freedom from those side effects and a healthy understanding of female anatomy. And a bonus I found out today - better ability to build muscle.

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